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ApcoFlex is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed cell polyolefin foam. It is quick and easy to install and available as pipes, sheets and rolls in a wide range of sizes. It is dust free and CFC free with an Ozone depletion potential of Zero, which means an Environmentally friendly product. ApcoFlex is light, flex. And has Excellent property of isolation (Thermal & acoustic), As Polyolefin is being used as the base material it’s highly resistant and durable to Heat up to more

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ApcoFlex Sheet / Roll or Round sections for pipe insulation as Closed Cell flexible material having very low thermal conductivity, Non-Hygroscopic structure,

Product Features

  • Easy Installation Thermal Conductivity
  • Dew, Build Up of Bacteria and Fungus Preventions
  • Aluminium Foil Surface Lamination
  • Self Adhesive Surface

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